Wade Magee



WADE MAGEE - Chicago, IL

"Everyone lives and everyone breathes..." With that, a theme of unity is what Wade Magee wants to convey through his music.

Wade Magee is more than just a performer… He is a storyteller. Wade’s songs are woven from true life experiences, whether his or others he has observed from a distance. And the music is indeed country music, with little flare of blues, and a sprinkle of rock-n-roll thrown in. He prides himself on building compositions that are unique, but catchy, and lyrics that are honest and forthright.

Wade grew up in the delta farmland of southeast Arkansas, with an exposure to just the down home gospel music he heard in church from an early age. “It was just the piano player, organ grinder and guitar player… but they could really play, and I always wanted to be a part of that.” 

As he got older, Wade’s musical influences growing up were weighted heavily to the 1960’s-70s era, including The Four Tops, Righteous Brothers, Elvis Presley and Creedence Clearwater Revival, and he threw himself headlong into music by the 6th grade: becoming an award-winning saxophone player in school, along with teaching himself the drums and guitar. “I just knew three chords,” he says. “But I played the heck out of those three chords as often as I could.” Whether the song is an original about his relationship with his daughter, or a cover song about drinking on the beach, it is an inclusive experience. "Every time I put on a show, it's a party with all my friends: the whole audience. I want them to feel comfortable, excited and adventurous all at the same time."

All of this is the culmination of every good thing Wade has found in music: religion, love, therapy, and few parties along the way.