Wade Magee



The new site is up! Working on the new album and getting some shows scheduled in the Chicago area upcoming this summer. I hope I see you soon, but more than that, I hope you enjoy the album when it comes out. It's a lot of heart and little bit of live sprinkled in #ChasingTheHorizon


I’ve been taking a break from music for a few months now, just settling into a routine (if not the Chicago weather). When you are away from something that has been ingrained in your life for so long, it brings a variety of emotions: sometimes a craving to get back, sometimes a soothing satisfaction that a particular chapter of your life is over. 

Now, I am slowly coming back to the music, writing here and there, editing a track or two. And I have decided that later this year I will return to the stage for at least one full band show, maybe more. There will also be something else that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Stay tuned!